Carolina Guarachi, the founder of Box Films, has over 20 years of production experience in commercials, films, documentaries, print, etc; Box Films, which was founded on the concept of “thinking outside of the box,” is Chile’s premiere creative production service company and commercial production company. We provide local and international clients with top of the line talent, services, facilities and equipment for film, television and commercial productions. We have an impeccable record with leading advertising agencies. Box Films will help bring your vision to market with our production expertise, breathtaking locations and pool of professional talent at a considerable savings to your production costs.


Chile is located in the southern hemisphere and has a very rich geography, with a wide variety of locations in close proximity to each other.  Whether you are looking for interior or exterior locations, architecture or topography, nature or industry, Chile has what you are looking for.
Chile has an outstanding pool of professional talent in the field of production, post production and on-camera talent.
 Our crew members have many years of experience, will work for competitive rates, and speak English as a second language.
Chile’s social and economic  security leads the region.
You can film in Chile for a fraction of the cost you are used to with tremendous value added.
We work with you and your client to insure the best possible experience so that future jobs in Chile can be planned without hesitation.
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Chile is a country with admirable beauty.  The vast expanse between our coast and the Andes mountains, offers a wide variety of scenery:
In the north we have the most arid desert in the world, giving the sensation of being on the moon.  We also have miles of scenic coastline and beaches with lukewarm water, and sun all year long.
 Our southern landscapes are composed of native forests,  volcanoes,  lakes and rivers; In the far south of Chile we have glaciers, fiords,  Patagonia and Antarctic.
In the central area our capital, Santiago,  reproduces the architecture any city in Europe or the USA.  We also have many ski resorts for winter. 
In addition we can offer the possibility to work with our neighbors in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia.


Chile’s vast expanse has a variety of climates, with weather in north being dry and sunny all year long; contrasted with cooler temperatures and rain in the south,  and our austral zone with snow and icy weather.
Summer in Chiles falls between October and April, and there are 15 hours of daylight with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius or 81 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our seasons in Chile are the opposite of the seasons in the USA and Europe, enabling you to have year-round access to any season you need.


A variety of cultures and races in Chile result in wide array of models and actors to suit your needs. Several international models spend many seasons working in Chile. Rates are extremely competitive.
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